Isai Music Review

Isai Music Review
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  • SS Productions
  • Cast
  • S. J. Surya,Savithri, Sathyaraj, Thambi Ramaiah, M.S.Baskar
  • Direction
  • S. J. Surya
  • Music
  • S. J. Surya
  • Photography
  • Soundararajan

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Isai - A daring and convincing attempt by S J Suryah

A comeback after a very long time and SJ Suryah has attempted to make a
decent comeback with an impeccable theme and here we have ‘ISAI’. What’s
more special is that he makes his debut as a music director with this film.

HNY Puthandin
Singers: SJ Suryah
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Everything turns good with this track and it could be a favourite of party
animals indeed. But again, if SJ Suryah had tried to handover this song to
someone else to croon it, this would have gained additional mileage. Lots
of computerised synchronisation to his voice, which sounds slightly

Isai Veesi
Singers: Chinmayi
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Completely mesmerising and it sounds like a music that comes from a
reigning musician for decades. Such is the matured composition and
appealing soundtrack that comes from SJ Suryah. Chinmayi sounds cool and so
much entrancing with her vocalism and beautiful lines by Madhan Karky are
additional highlights.

Atho Vanile Nila
Singers: Chinmayi, Deva, Karthik
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The song goes with simple beats and mild rendition by Chinmayi, Deva and
Karthik. Yet, they’re mellifluously attention grabbing and we can praise
Madhan Karky as well.


Nee Poiya
Singers: Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

SJ Suryah over here tries to mix both western and Carnatic music together
and the intonating effort by Vijay Yesudas is excessively energetic. The
interludes and preludes in this song are seemingly to be done by SJ Suryah
with some earnest efforts that turn to be more unique.

Dirty Dancing
Singers: Shalini Singh
Lyrics: Georgina Singh, Shalini Singh

There is a sort of hackneyed factors quite evident with this track. In
some portions, they’re good, but as we tend to experience the same notes
over and again, we get little bored.

Lip Lock Theme
Singers: Chinmayi

A SJ Suryah film without a Liplock is a week without Sunday. SJ Suryah has
clearly manifested it by giving the title of such sequence as Lip Lock
theme. He tries to evoke the sensuous appeal with the melodious humming of
Chinmayi. But it could be judged to be perfect only if it strikes well with
the visuals.

She is his Piano Theme
Singers: Chinmayi

Nothing special about it and it seems like a background score, which will
be only appraised with the visuals with accordance to the situation of
where it is placed.

Baby Theme
Singers: Chinmayi

To end up the album with, Baby Theme actually gets up to some appreciative
levels. Let see how it works in the film.

ISAI cannot be regarded as the most fantabulous album for namesake, but
when compared to the albums that come from the reigning music directors
accredited to plagiarisms, this one has some ethnicity of music.


Verdict : A daring and convincing attempt by S J Suryah

Stars : 2.5/5

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