Vellaikara Durai Music review

Vellaikara Durai Music review
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  • Gopuram Films
  • Cast
  • Vikram Prabhu, Sri Divya, Soori
  • Direction
  • Ezhil
  • Music
  • D Imman
  • Photography
  • Suraaj Nallusamy

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Vellaikara Durai - A terrible letdown after Chartbuster Kayal

 D Imman has been significantly delivering some best albums in the recent times in both commercial and unconventional offbeat genres.  Vellakaara Durai as the title and trailer have clearly signified, it’s a fun-fileld comedy caper getting ready for relkease on December 25 for the festive occasion of Christmas. The album has five tracks and let us see how far D Imman has lived up to our expectations.

 1.      Ammadi Un Azhagu

Singer: Sathya Prakash

Although, the song sounds pleasant and somewhat engaging, we tend to notice that we have already heard somewhere in the airs. However, the decorous rendition by Sathya Prakash is quite moderate and instrumentals are slightly mediocre. But it might have its piece of familiarity on the screens.

2.      Kaakkaa Muttai

Singers:  Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

She is blessed singer and when we see her name, it embellishes our senses that we are ahead to listen a beautiful melody. In contrast, D Imman tries to strike with a difference and she surprises her with a folk genre this time. The track remains okay in places, but doesn’t grab our attention to the best levels.

3.      Koodha Kaathu

Singers: Haricharan, Shreya Ghoshal

D Imman never misses to include Shreya Ghoshal in his albums and this one isn’t a mere exception. The rendition by Haricharan amounts up to good efforts, but his usual lucky charm Shreya Ghoshal fails to enchant us. She has to try working on new styles and her intonating panache remains prototyped.

4.      Nadigar Thilagam

Singers: Krishnamoorthy

It sounds like a title track and there isn’t anything special to mark on this number. The vocals by Krishnamoorthy are too dull and don’t create any excitements.

On the whole, the songs in Vellakaara Durai are too disappointing and it looks like D Imman has composed the tracks in a hurry to complete them. While Prabhu Solomon’s recent album Kayal has worked magic, this one turns out to be quite a disappointing one.


Verdict : A terrible letdown after Chartbuster Kayal

Stars : 2.5/5

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