Vishayam Veliya Theriyakoodathu Movie Music Review

Vishayam Veliya Theriyakoodathu Movie Music Review
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Vishayam Veliya Theriyakoodathu - A colossal attempt and touch by Raagaventira

Simplicity always yields the best results, especially on the musical context. Because too much of anything doesn’t offer a perfect output and when to comes music, a good clarity of voice and sublime instrumentals is all that we expect. Vishayam Veliya Theriyakoodathu is one such stark illustration of this statement and the album with three songs are remarkably good.


Singers - Velmurugan & Malathi

Lyrics - A. Raagaventira

A long time perhaps, we heard such a mesmerising festive song from the rural soil. The composing is so simple, but attracts the listeners for the treatment by singers and the village folk style is so much engaging. Thanks to Velmurugan and Malathi making it sound so much emblazoned. The song reminiscences us of Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja coming up with such tunes and A. Raagaventira, director of this film has done a fabulous job with music and lyrics of this song.


Singer - Mukesh

Lyrics - K. Arunachalam

Much alike the first track, A Raagaventira sticks to the rural tunes of early 80s. The lyrics gain a good clarity and the music director has composed the song with so much of involvement. Simple attraction becomes the most intriguing element her and with simple instrumentals and top-notch vocals, the song gains our attention.


Singer - Santhosh

Lyrics - K. Arunachalam

Although, the final track of this album is slightly based on folk, it takes a Srilankan Baila route and the complete song is so enjoyable. Santhosh has crooned the song with complete justice. The song will surely have its realms when viewed along with visuals on the screens.

Overall, Vishayam Veliya Theriyakoodathu is so sweet and simple with its approach and director Raagaventira who has composed music for this album has clearly understood the importance of voice clarity and has accordingly composed the tunes.

Verdict : A colossal attempt and touch by Raagaventira

Stars : 3/5

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