Journalist Harassed For Criticising Vijay's Movie

Aug 08, 2017
Journalist Harassed For Criticising Vijay's Movie

Dhanya Rajendran, a senior journalist was mentioned around 30,000 times on Twitter, and no, it is not something to be happy about. She tweeted something negative about Sura, and compared it with Jab Harry Met Sejal starring Shah Rukh Khan. She wrote, ” I had watched Vijay’s Sura till interval and walked out. #WhenHarryMet Sejal has made break that record. Could not sit till interval.”

Vijay’s fans began mudslinging at the journalist and calling her names. They dug up her old tweets to claim that she has always “attacked” Vijay.

In no time, there were more than 30,000 tweets under the hashtag #PublicityBeepDhanya, with fans doing their best to dig up old tweets, post them out of context and character-assassinate the editor. And the tweets were as vile as they get. When men on the internet (or otherwise) attack women with words, it always tends be in pointed sexual references. They are also, in most cases, outright sexist.

While Rajendran did not back down - in fact, she filed a police complaint with screenshots of the abusive tweets - the attacks kept on increasing. “There was one guy who was the creepiest who tweeted my picture saying it is evident from my face that I have slept around a lot. I had put out a tweet asking people to report the tweet. I am sure atleast 200 people would have reported it but the guy is still on Twitter because Twitter does not understand Tamil,” she said to Indian Express.

“Twitter India blacklisted the hashtag immediately after I pointed out to them that they can’t talk about security for women when there is a hashtag that is an abuse trend. My only problem is I have access to Twitter people, so I could do it. What about so many others who don’t?” added Rajendran.

Few actors or filmmakers have stood up and made their stand clear. One of those who have, director CS Amudan, known for his forthright opinions, says: “If somebody raises an opinion, you can take it, ignore it, argue over it or even dispute it, but you cannot abuse a person over it. The comments that some of them wrote were very hurtful. It is shameful and I’m embarrassed that I am even part of the same society where such people exist.”

Anand, Vijay Fans Association President, says that he has been asking fans to stop taking offence when someone criticises their idol, and stop abusing people on social media. “But, they say that Dhanya Rajendran has been provoking them and that a few people from her team have abused Vijay. Their concern was that she saw a Shah Rukh Khan film and compared it to a Vijay film that released nine years ago. Now, I have asked them to stop all of this. We will release an official statement soon.”


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