Justin Bieber Reached India For The Concert

May 10, 2017
Justin Bieber Reached India For The Concert

Justin Bieber flew into India in the dead of night for his Purpose concert and was welcomed by shrieking fans waiting outside Kalina airport in Mumbai where his chartered plane landed.

The popstar was supposed to land here in Mumbai at 4:30, however, his private jet was delayed, a lot. His fans waited for almost 10 hours outside the airport to see their idol. The popstar finally arrived and left the fans in a tizzy. He was escorted by Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera.

Biebs is walking out of the airport while a throng of fans are screaming their lungs out to get a hold of his attention. It is the first time the Canadian dude has visited India so the excitement in the hearts of the fans is very understandable.

In terms of his style, he kept it cool and casual by wearing a baby pink hoodie (wrong choice) and a pair of black shorts. Perhaps he wasn’t aware of the Mumbai heat because wearing thick outfits, especially in the May month is so not a good choice.

Shera, who is Salman Khan's trusted aide, is heading the security team assigned locally to Justin Bieber. The Sorry singer is getting the red carpet treatment, with lavish meals curated specially for him and an array of gifts created by designers, including one for his mother. Two hotels have been booked for Justin Bieber and his entourage - the floors occupied will be off-limits to anyone else and the singer's suite will be customised for him.


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