Kamal Haasan Opens Up About The Inspiration For Mahanadi

Aug 14, 2017
Kamal Haasan Opens Up About The Inspiration For Mahanadi

Kollywood superstar Kamal Haasan recently curated a list of 70 films that the actor said had changed his life.

Kamal's note about Mahanadi, a film that he wrote and acted in. The 1994 film was about a man who is caught in a conspiracy and goes to prison. His daughter is kidnapped and sold into sex work.

Writing in The Hindustan Times, Kamal opened up about an awful incident. In a shocking revelation, Kamal Haasan has said that his household helpers tried to kidnap his daughter and the cruel incident was a big inspiration to write Mahanadi. In fact, Kamal tried to kill every one of his servants but found his sense and penned the script of Mahanadi.

“I have never spoken of what prompted me to write Mahanadi. Now my daughters are old enough to understand the ways of this world I can …I guess. My household help, all of them, conspired to kidnap my daughter for ransom. They even did a dry run. By accident I discovered their plan. I was angry, unnerved and ready to kill for my baby’s safety. But I saw sense in time. I was to write a new script and I kept delaying it for a month. Later when I sat down to write, the script wrote itself ….maybe assisted by my fear, apprehension and paranoia”, wrote Kamal Haasan in Hindustan Times while listing out his top seventy movies in India.


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