Oviya Released A Video After Her Exit From Bigg Boss Tamil

Aug 18, 2017
Oviya Released A Video After Her Exit From Bigg Boss Tamil

Nobody in the history of Tamil television must have earned the kind of love and respect Oviya owned through her stint in Bigg Boss Tamil. When she chose to exit the show couple of weeks back, it broke a million hearts. But her fans, or should we say Oviya Army, were hopeful she would return to the show through wild card entry. However, in her latest selfie video shared on Thursday evening, Oviya confirmed she is not returning to the show, much to the disappointment of her fans.

Oviya requested fans not abuse or make hurtful comments about Julie or Shakthi. "I understand the pain when I was cornered by 14 members inside the house and they should not suffer the same. We make mistakes as humans. I am not perfect and nobody is perfect. If we do not commit mistakes we are not humans," she noted.

"People, who commit rapes and murders, are being pardoned by governments. This is a small matter. I appreciate your support, love and encouragement, but I do not like hurting others. In fact, I do not need those fans, who abuse other contestants."

Moving on to the Aarav issue, Oviya stated that she is aware of the negative responses that are coming her way, but she believes in true love and confidence of regaining it.

She also said that she enjoyed some time off, visited Varkala (Kerala) and is currently in Cochin. She explained that her hair cut was not part of any treatment, but it was for a wig brand that approached her to be a part of their endeavour to empower cancer patients. Oviya said that she understands how the patients feel when they start to lose hair, as her mother too fought cancer. She showed off her hair cut and stressed the fact that she loves it a lot and is happy to be a part of something like this.


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