T Rajendar Insults Sai Dhansika In Front Of Media

Sep 30, 2017
T Rajendar Insults Sai Dhansika In Front Of Media

If you ever needed a lesson on how not to address a colleague at a public event, then Tamil actor T Rajendar's recent tirade against co-actor Sai Dhansika offers the perfect case study.

Actors Krishna, Vidharth, Dhansika, Rajendar and actor-director Venkat Prabhu were promoting their upcoming film Vizhithiru at an event on 28 September. While thanking her co-stars in the film, Dhansika forgot to mention Rajendar, who makes an appearance in one of the film's songs. What happened next, is shocking and shameful.

When it was T Rajendar’s turn to take the mike, he insulted Dhanshika for her lack of manners. He said on stage, “Dhanshika acted with Superstar she did Vizhithiru; that’s why she’s asking who is T Rajendar. It’s not as if my life depends on her saying my name.” When she tried to get up he said, “Please sit. You are a big artist.

Dhanshika then apologised to him but he chastised her saying, “You didn’t come in a saree so there’s no need for you to say sorry. You need to know about manners on stage – learn to respect others.”

The actress then interrupted him and said she had a lot of respect for him and that she was nervous about speaking on stage, hence she forgot to mention him. Dhanshika even touched his feet. But T Rajendar replied that he cared two hoots for her respect. He adds, “I am teaching you how to respect people – big or small”

None of the other men on stage including director Venkat Prabhu, actors Krishna or Vidharth said anything or tried to stop T Rajendar. In fact, they are seen laughing at the things T Rajendar was saying!

Vishal issued a notice condemning T Rajendar for continuously targeting Dhansika despite the fact that she apologised to him.

Vishal stated that it’s common to forget names on stage. “Director TR is a multi-talented senior person. It's very common for a person on stage to miss mentioning names while addressing a gathering. I have myself, forgotten to mention or thank certain people or the ones sitting on the dais in the past,” he wrote on Facebook.

Even after Dhansika repeatedly apologized, T Rajendar continued insulting her. He said, "You haven't come dressed in a saree and you are saying sorry." Later, when she said that she had great respect for him, he asked her where he could go and sell her respect. He then lectured her on how to conduct oneself onstage.

Despite apologising, he did not pardon her, said Vishal. “Dhansika apologised and even fell at Mr TR's feet, after he pointed out that she missed mentioning his name. Mr TR didn't pardon Dhansika who is as old as his daughter,” he stated.

He also added that he knows Dhansika very well and she would not have done it intentionally. “It's very difficult for women to come up in the cine industry. I know Dhansika very well and people who know her know well that she wouldn't have done anything like this intentionally.”

Vishal also mentioned two actors, Krishna Kulasekaran and Vidharth who could be seen laughing and clapping while T Rajendar was insulting Dhansika. “Now coming to the point, both you boys, Vidharth & Krishna, I think you guys should have had the least bit of decency not to clap when your own co star was being bullied. Completely not called for, buck up.”

Actor and social activist RJ Balaji also took to his Twitter space to register his take on this issue, "Jus watched TR sir’s speech.Wit due respect sir,what you did was arrogant,chauvinistic n disrespectful.IMO,u cant demand respect,u earn it."

Meanwhile, Sai Dhanshika herself tweeted after the event, “I’m really obliged to d no of ppl 4showing their care and luv 4 me, for what happened to me. But it is a pity, this is state of lone women.”


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