Theatre Strike Called Off

Oct 14, 2017
Theatre Strike Called Off

The week long stand off between the film industry bodies and the government over entertainment tax ended yesterday with the State cutting it to eight from ten per cent and regulating prices of tickets to cinema halls.

Tamil Film Producers Council chief Vishal, after a meeting with Chief Minister K Palaniswami said the entertainment tax by local bodies have been cut to eight from 10 per cent by the government.

Now, the ticket prices have been revised and a fixed price by the government have been fixed and a new set of regulations proposed by actor Vishal will also be implemented as soon as possible.

Here are the rates charged per ticket in Chennai:

For multiplexes:

Base ticket price increased by 25% - Rs 150 (from 120)

GST 28% - Rs 42

Entertainment Tax 8% - Rs 12

In total for counter bookings - Rs 204

(In total for online bookings, add extra Rs 30 - Rs 234)


For Non-Multiplex (AC):

Base ticket - Rs 100

GST - Rs 28

Entertainment Tax - Rs 8

In total - Rs 136

For Non-AC:

Base ticket - Rs 80

GST - Rs 14.40

Entertainment Tax - Rs 6.40

In total - Rs 100.80

The set of regulations are to be followed by theatre owners: 

1.      Tickets should only be sold at the government fixed rates; depending on class and theatre type

2.      Canteen should sell items per MRP rates and viewers can take their own refreshments.

3.      Parking charges should be removed

4.      Online booking charges will be reduced soon

5.      If any theatre is caught selling more than the fixed prices, then they will have to face the dire consequences.


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