Theru Naaigal - Movie Review

Theru Naaigal - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Shree Bhuwal Movie Productions
  • Cast
  • Dheena, Sushil Kumar, Cool Suresh, Madhu Soodhanan, Sampathram, Gajaraj, Vazhakku Muthuraman, Rekha Suresh, Appukutty, Imman Annachi, Ram pratheek, Pavel, Aaru Bala, Mime Gopi, Nilani, Saranya, and Akshatha
  • Direction
  • S. Hari uthraa
  • Music
  • Harish & Sathish
  • Photography
  • Thalapathy Rathinam

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Theru Naaigal - Below Average!


A gang of five is coming to entertain you with their weirdness, cruelty and their emotions. The movie Theru Naaigal hit the theaters today and is going to be an action entertainer. Starring new faces Pratheek and Akshatha, in the lead roles, Theru Naaigal also has Mime Gopi, Imman Annachi and Theri Dheena as part of its cast. S. Hari Uthraa’s Directional venture is Theru Naaigal which is also written by him.  The Producer of the film is Sushil Kumar Jain under the production banner Shree Bhuwal Movie Productions. The music composers Harish and Sathish given the tunes and Background music for Theru Naaigal.



Theru Naaigal is a very straightforward story. Caught in a violent landscape, dominated by a gangster-politician and his junior rival, a group of youngsters are trying to live their lives in peace. But events around them draw them into bigger struggles. What happens if ordinary men come together to kidnap a powerful MLA for his crooked plan to destroy the welfare of their place by implementing a dangerous chemical factory forms the main plot of Theru Naaigal.



Debutant director S Hari Uthra chooses to turn the film into a mystery through a fragmented timeline. So, the film skips back and forth around an eagerly-awaited election result, showing a wide variety of characters weaving a number of plots whose dots don’t really join up till interval. It’s only in the second half that the connections and explanations get fleshed out, and we find out the current news addition to the age-old plot – a fight between farmers and corporate interests. But just at the point where the film’s narrative starts to make sense, it also falters in pace and loses the audience’s interest.

The moody cinematography of Thalapathy Rathnam also gives the film a certain rawness that works to its advantage, although, the use of frequent slow-motion shots becomes tiring after a point.

The flashback portion that is a bit too long and deviate a little to include a romantic track, which seems to have been added on as a compromise.

The film is also burdened with a very loud, thumping soundtrack that becomes unbearable very early into the film.

The acting also lacks sufficient variety, though the cast features interesting actors like Appukutty, Imman Annachi, Mime Gopi and Madhusudhanan. None of the actors are asked to do much more than stare hard-eyed into the camera, and spit out their dialogues angrily. The few women characters momentarily present in this testosterone-loaded film don’t get the chance to show any acting skills either.










Verdict : Below Average!

Stars : 1.5/5

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