Thupparivaalan - Movie Review

Thupparivaalan - Movie Review
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  • Vishal Film Factory
  • Cast
  • Vishal, Prasanna, Vinay, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea Jeremiah, Simran, John Vijay
  • Direction
  • Mysskin
  • Music
  • Arrol Corelli
  • Photography
  • Karthik Venkatraman

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Thupparivaalan - A Classy Investigate Thriller!


Mysskin has teamed up with Vishal for the first time in Thupparivaalan. The detective thriller is inspired by the works of Sherlock Holmes. The film has Prasanna, Vinay Rai, Anu Ammanuel, Andrea, K Bhagyaraj and others in the cast. The film has Arrol Corelli's music and Karthik Venkatraman's cinematography.



Kaniyan Poonkundran (Vishal), gets a case that appears to be simple in the beginning, but he is stunned to see the involvement of people, who are smarter than him.

 As he investigates, with his Watson-like friend Mano (Prasanna), it leads him to a death that we are shown in the film's opening scene - of a father and his son being struck by lightning.

Meanwhile, a gang of ruthless criminals, led by a character called Devil (Vinay), which is behind the murders, gets a whiff of Kaniyan's investigation and plots to take him down before he derails all their carefully laid out plans.



When you see an SJ Surya's movie, you can see him in the hero. That’s exactly happened here. Vishal resembles Mysskin so much. He wears a serious face and has a weird mannerism. It is a difficult role to pull off, and Vishal has done full justice to it. Especially his action sequences are too good. 

Bhagyaraj gets to don a completely different role to what we have seen him do over the years, and he has one or two scoring situations to showcase his talent. Prasanna as Vishal's friend comes throughout the film and has supported the lead well. Actors like Simran, Jayaprakash and Aadukalam Naren come and go to infuse tension elements to the script. 

Mysskin also makes us empathize, even if only for a few moments, even with the villains. And the death of a major character is presented in a heartbreaking way (Arrol Corelli's violin-dominated score is one of the film's highlights). What sets Thupparivaalan apart is how it not only thrills us but also makes us feel, and that is Mysskin's triumph.

The film keeps the audience at the edge of the seat right from the beginning. But at one stage, few could vaguely understand where the plot is heading, and from there on, it might look less engaging, but the climax balances it in the end. 

On the technical front, music and cinematography plays a key role. Arrol Corelli’s music actually takes up an important role in connecting to the audience. Especially his violin score is the film’s highlight. Cinematography is at its best. Action sequences are at top notch with Hollywood standard. It’s unique and praiseworthy. 

Mysskin's Sherlock influences are clear but he adds his touch nevertheless. All you need is patience. Kept knots tied well. 




Vishal and Praasanna’s performance





Starts with a slow note 

The Usual Emotional Connection in Mysskin’s film is missing 


Verdict : A Classy Investigate Thriller!

Stars : 2/5

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