Valladesam - Movie Review

Valladesam - Movie Review
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  • Lakxshanna Pictures
  • Cast
  • Anu Hasan, Nassar, Amit,David
  • Direction
  • N. T. Nantha
  • Music
  • L. V. Muthukumaraswamy
  • Photography
  • N. T. Nantha

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Valladesam - Poor Screenplay Makes It Half Baked!


Valla Desam is a Tamil action movie written and directed by N. T. Nantha. The film features Anu Hasan in the leading role, with Nassar, Amit, David and Andrei Lenart portraying supporting characters.

L. V. Muthukumaraswamy has taken care of the music department. While director N. T. Nantha has worked behind the camera as well.



The story revolves around Anu Haasan, a spy who works for Indian army. The film begins with Anu Haasan leading a happy life with her husband and kid. She gets trained under Indian army major Adhilingam (played by Nasser). Her character gets clearer when she takes part in a task against terror and wins it. She then moves to London with her family where Anu goes on a mission to London to arrest the most wanted international smuggler David. But David's henchman wrongly understands that Anu’s husband as spy and kills him. Now, Anu’s only daughter goes missing. And she has to save her little one and the nation from the deadly David.

Did she manage to do it? You will have to watch it on the big screen.



Anu Haasan carries the entire film on her shoulders. And she manages to do a good job. Both her shades, the gentle one for her family and the power packed one for the enemies are to be treasured. Nassar has done his part well as a higher army officer while the rest of the actors are not up to the mainstream film viewing standards.

Though Anu has done a decent job, unfortunately she is unable to save the sinking ship all alone. The plot is good. Giving the main role to a woman in an action oriented movie is to be appreciated. But that alone is not enough for a good movie right? The screenplay is lifeless, with no surprise elements. You can easily predict the next scenes. The dialogues are so bland which tries our patience at times.

Cinematography does not stand out; LV Muthukumaraswamy’s music is passable.




Anu Haasan







Verdict : Poor Screenplay Makes It Half Baked!

Stars : 1.5/5

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