Adra Machan Visilu - Movie Review

Adra Machan Visilu - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Arasu Films
  • Cast
  • Shiva, Arun balaji, Naina Sarwar, Srinivasan
  • Direction
  • Thiraivannan
  • Music
  • N.R.Raghunanthan
  • Photography
  • A.Kasi Vishwa

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Adra Machan Visilu - A waste of time!

Adra Machan Visilu is the latest release Tamil movie hit the theatres on 7th July 2016. The movie is directed by Thiraivannan and produced by B. Gopi under the banner of Arasu Films. The movie starring Shiva, Arun balaji, Naina Sarwar, Srinivasan in main lead roles. Singamuthu, Mansoor Ali Khan, Jangiri Madhumitha, Raj Kapoor, Singamuthu and T.P. Gajendran among others are in supporting roles in the movie.
This is the story about three guys who are ardent fans of Powerstar!! They have come from lower-middle-class family and they can hardly earn money for them!! They used to spend money for the activities which are related to their favorite actor!!
They used to take suggestion from their good-wisher who is a cop (Rajkapoor), on how to earn money and settle in life. They start distributing power star’s new film and earn money. Meanwhile, they finally happen to meet the star’s manager and agreed to all his conditions in order to meet their star.
They release one of his film by borrowing money. But unfortunately, it was not accepted well by the audiences. They finally found the root cause and decides to teach him a lesson!! What makes them to make such a decision? and how they followed? forms the rest of the story!!
The makers of the movie don’t expected much more but to expect enough amount from the film. The lead artists of the film played well in the movie. Srinivasan plays the role of a film star and Shiva is his fan in the movie. Naina plays the female lead opposite Shiva. And she has a serious problem with lip sync. The jokes don’t land. The revenge angle is abandoned for drippy love scenes with Naina Sarwar, mood-killing duets, painfully earnest messages that exhort Tamil-cinema fans to build temples for Mother Teresa instead of Trisha, and an excruciating cameo by Mansoor Ali Khan as Dr. Rajadhi Raja Raja Kulothunga. And the filmmaking is so poor. The editing cuts don’t match. Dialogues play over closed lips. A long scene involving an ambulance on a road is shot using terrible rear projection.
Few Cast

Verdict : A waste of time!

Stars : 0.5/5

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