Attu - Movie Review

Attu - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Studio 9 Production
  • Cast
  • Rishi Rithvik, Archana Ravi, Yogi Babu, Bala Singh, Deena
  • Direction
  • Rathan Linga
  • Music
  • Bobo Sasi
  • Photography
  • Ramalingam

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Attu - Easily Predictable Story With North Chennai as Base!

Attu is a Tamil movie directed by Steven , which is produced by M V Praveen released under the banner of Studio 9 R Manimaran, in the year of 2017. Attu movie star casts includes Rishi Rithvik, Archana Ravi, Yogi Babu, Bala Singh, Deena. This flick’s songs & background score are composed by BoBo Sasi. 
Rishi Rithvik and Yogi Babu live together along with their friends since they are orphans. They live in North Chennai. The councilor of the area gives some work to them and they do that. He also saves them when they are being entangled in problems. In the meantime, Archana Ravi falls in love with Rishi Rithvik due to turn of events. Though Rishi rejects her proposal initially he later agrees with the insistence of his friends. But the girl’s father is against this relationship. 
What is the twist in the film that makes Rishi and his friends turn against the councilor? Why they are being traced by the police? What happens to the love angle of Rishi and Archana? This forms the crux of the story. 
Rishi Rithvik pulls off his character effortlessly. He has given a balanced acting. Though Archana Ravi has a brief role she has done her part well. Yogi Babu and the others who had done the friends’ role also have done their roles well. Yogi Babu as usual comes up with some hilarious one-liners to which the theater erupts in laughter. Prabha as Uluva, a close friend of Attu, gets to portray a character with multiple shades and he has done a neat job. Dheena comes up with yet another chilling portrayal as a local gangster. The rest of the cast ably support. 
The film does not have anything new as a story. Everything moves on predictable lines. Even the betrayal of close ones does not shock you. Bobo Sasi's re-recording is apt while the songs pass muster. Cinematographer Ramalingam transports us to the landscape of the film with the selection of tone and angles. Art Director Suresh Galleri deserves credit for enhancing the authenticity of the location. The fight scenes, brilliantly choreographed by Power Pandian Asan are another big plus for the film as they look so real. 
Predictable Story 
Nothing New to Offer 

Verdict : Easily Predictable Story With North Chennai as Base!

Stars : 2/5

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