Bongu - Movie Review

Bongu - Movie Review
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  • Cast
  • Natarajan Subramaniam,Ruhi Singh,Arjunan,Pooja Bisht,Sharath Lohitashwa,Natty,Manisha Sree,Nikita Thukral
  • Direction
  • Taj
  • Music
  • Srikanth Deva
  • Photography
  • Mahesh Muthuswami

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Bongu - A Decent Entertainer!


Bongu is a Tamil movie direction by Tajudeen. Bongu movie has Nataraj (Natty) and Ruhi Singh in the lead roles. 
The lead actress Ruhi Singh is the title winner of Miss World Beauty pageant of the year 2014. She has acted in a few Bollywood films such as 'Calendar Girls' and 'Bongu' is her debut film in Tamil. 
The supporting cast of 'Bongu' includes Atul Kulkarni, Ramadoss of 'Mundasupatti' fame. Arjun, Sharath Lohithashwa, Rajan. Bhava Lakshamanan, Mayilsamy and Chaams.


Three people, two guys and a girl (Deva, Bhaskar and Janani) lose their jobs, due to the treachery of a businessman. So, they want to take revenge on him. To run their life, they approach a gangster, who gives them a job to steal a luxurious car from Pandian, a don, who resides in Madurai. Mani, who know about Pandian’s whereabouts join the team. All of them travel towards the city. Deva’s first job in Madurai is to get the membership in Pandian’s club. Later, he gets shocking information about the don? After knowing it, did the team steal the car? Did Pandian get to know their plan? What happens next? Watch the rest in theaters. 


Natty, is once again seen as a confident guy who stands for what he believes in, mouthing philosophical dialogues. Ruhi Singh, the former Miss India, is a delight to watch on screen, thanks to her sharp features. Arjunan as Natty’s aide is apt. Munishkanth gets to enact the role of a scapegoat in this film, too. Sharath, as a baddie, is convincing. But Atul Kulkarni is a disappointment - the versatile performer definitely deserves more than what he is asked to do here. In a cat-and-mouse game, the role of a dedicated and intense cop should have written in a better way, especially when a seasoned artiste like him has been cast in the role. 
Taj, the debutant has chosen a new genre to make his entry. The film impresses the audiences with the quick paced narration. Although it is a plus point, the film has its own flaws too. A few forced light-hearted scenes and a couple of songs which appear in the second half spoil the tense mood of the film. 


Natty’s Performance 
Supporting actors performance    


Atul Kulkarni not used properly 
Few forced scenes in second half 
Predictable climax 

Verdict : A Decent Entertainer!

Stars : 2.5/5

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