Brindavanam - Movie Review

Brindavanam - Movie Review
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  • Cast
  • Vivek, Arulnithi, Tanya, Cell Murugan
  • Direction
  • Radha Mohan
  • Music
  • Vishal Chandrasekhar
  • Photography
  • MS Vivekanand

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Brindavanam - A Feel Good Movie!


Radha Mohan, who is known for movies like Abhiyum Naanum and Payanam, is returning with Brindavanam. He has teamed teamed up with Vivekh and Arulnithi for the Tamil flick, which has Tanya Ravichandran is the female lead. It has has Vishal Chandrashekhar's music, MS Vivekanand's cinematography and TS Jay's editing.


Kannan (Arulnithi) is a barber in Ooty and he cannot speak and hear. He is a darling of his locality as he is always smile faced and does small helps to all of them. He is an ardent fan of actor Vivek and his only meaning of entertainment is watching Vivek’s comedy sequences in television.
One sudden day Kannan accidentally meets Actor Vivek (Vivek) who has come to Ooty for a personal work. He helps Vivek to rectify a defect in the latter’s car. Soon the duo becomes close friends. Kannan’s friends Varkki (Senthil) and Sandhya (Tanya) also get close to Vivek and they all roam around happily as a group of friends.
Sandhya has long developed a feeling for Kannan and after being persuaded by Vivek, she expresses her love for Kannan. But Kannan rejects her proposal angrily. He also shuns Vivek’s advise in this regard.
Kannan rejecting Sandhya’s love has something to do with his sorrowful past. How does he come over that and unites with Sandhya with the help of Vivek forms the rest of the film.


The film definitely plays on emotional elements that are soulful but is also humorous in its approach. Radha Mohan who is known to give quality cinema this time takes again the sign language movie and his special is we will also easily able to catch the sign without much dialogues. Arulnithi as a hearing and speech impaired person extends nuance performance. Tanya appears in a causal girl role, where most of her dialogues are teasing oriented and she takes a cakewalk with her performance. They both make a good pair on screen. MS Bhaskar reprises the same kind role from Mozhi and its like ice on a cake role for him. Vivek is hilarious as himself and will leave you in spilts. Also his dialogues connecting his real time events are laugh riot like Vishal, avatar comedies. Scenes with cell Murugan and doubt Senthil worked out well.
Getting through the musical analysis, the songs have minimal prominence with just 3 tracks and nothing retains in our senses post-the show and even background score is merely average. Towards the end, climax is bit lengthy one with repeated scenes. M.S.Vivekanand’s cinematography captures the scenic beauty of Ooty in every frame. Editor T.S.Jay has ensured a smooth transition of scenes with his cuts.




Second Half is a little draggy

Verdict : A Feel Good Movie!

Stars : 2.5/5

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