Dora- Movie Review

Dora- Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Sarkunam Cinemas
  • Cast
  • Nayanthara, Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman
  • Direction
  • Doss Ramaswamy
  • Music
  • Mervin Solomon
  • Photography
  • Dinesh Krishnan

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Dora - Nayanthara’s Solo Show!

It's lady superstar Nayanthara's first release of the year! Interestingly, the flick titled Dora which means God's gift will see Nayanthara playing the titular role unlike a simple heroine.
The horror thriller Dora, which revolves around a car, and her character Pavalakodi, is directed by Doss Ramaswamy, a former assistant to director Sargunam (who is also the producer of Dora).
Dora has been released simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu on Friday and movie buffs are excited to see yet another power-packed performance by Nayanthara after Maya.
The film has music composed by duo Mervin and Solomon and is produced by A. Sarkunam.
Dora is the story of a simple girl Pavalakkodi portrayed by Nayanthara.  She is the daughter of a taxi-driver played by Thambi Ramaiah. Pavalakkodi(Nayanthara) and his father buy a vintage Austin Cambridge car called Dora, which is named after the film. Her attitude changes and she becomes a rebel when she gets her hands on a car which is possessed by a stubborn spirit. The remaining story revolves around the car.
The film is split into two storylines, on one hand it rides on a father-daughter relationship, their antics and desperation in running an antique call taxi service, on the other hand is a tough cop who investigates the recent murders and looting around the locality. Doss Ramasamy (director) takes time to bring these two stories together with an apt finale. The movie completely rides on Nayanthara star value. Dora is a women centric film, where Nayanthara steals the show with her brilliance performance. She shown two different shades in her character. She Impress with both Innocence and heroic look. Director takes time, but once main story plot takeoff film totally engaging and entertaining. The Story plot is predictable, because of Performances we cannot feel bored.  
Harish has his role pattern and as usual exhibits the superiority well onscreen. The screenplay despite having quite a few bumps in both the halves keeps the viewers on the edge for the predominant part. The BGM is spot on and is amplified with radiant cinematography, the film bears a lazy sepia look and that definitely matches the tone of the story. The silent hero of the movie is definitely the car – a Austin Cambridge car which gets possessed is treated with respect and enough CGI to give a heroic look.
Thambi Ramaiah's comedy
Background Score
Predictable Plot
Slow narration

Verdict : Nayanthara’s Solo Show!

Stars : 1.5/5

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