Ennodu Vilaiyadu - Movie Review

Ennodu Vilaiyadu - Movie Review
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  • Toronto Reels and Reyan Studios
  • Cast
  • Bharath, Kathir, Sanchita Shetty, Chandini, Radha Ravi, Yog Japee
  • Direction
  • Arun Krishnaswami
  • Music
  • A. Moses, Sudharshan M. Kumar
  • Photography
  • Yuva

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Ennodu Vilaiyadu - Skip It Unless You Have Nothing Else to Watch!


Ennodu Vilayadu is the latest Tamil movie releasing this Friday. Being a directional project of Arun Krishnaswami, the movie has Sridhar Krishnaswami, Narendran Kandasamy, Reji K. Sivamangalam taking the responsibilities of production. The music has been offered by A. Moses, Sudharshan M. Kumar while Yuva and Gopi Krishna are the men behind Cinematography and Editing respectively.

All the lead actors of the movie include Bharath Srinivasan, Chandhini T, Kathir, Sanchitha Shetty, Radha Ravi and Yog Japee.


Bharath, who works for a construction company and is in heavy debts as he is a horse punter who loses because of fixing by the big guns.  He meets Chandini Tamilarasan and it is love at first sight. On the other hand Kathir lands in Chennai and goes to stay at a house recommended by a friend where, to his surprise he finds that it’s a girl Sanchitha Shetty.  Later in the story we learn that Sanchitha needs forty five lakhs to retrieve her house from a bank loan. 

Bharath plans a getaway with fifty lakhs of bribe money that horse owner Radha Ravi pays to another owner Yog Jaypee to fix a race.  The money lands in Kathir's car and this leads to a collision of all the characters and what happens next is the rest of the screenplay.


“Kudhirai dhaan kadavul, race dhaan religion,” says a character in Ennodu Vilaiyadu, but for a film that is so enamoured by horse racing, it often pushes this aspect to the sideline. The writing isn’t forceful enough and the film spends too much time on inane romantic tracks that drain the film of mood and rob its energy. This is why we feel indifferent towards it and its characters. At least, the Sridhar-Inba track has some novelty going for it, but Vikram’s scenes with Minnie are downright irritating. The performances, too, are just functional, and even the reliable Radha Ravi feels like a shadow of his usual self. The film gains some momentum exactly in two places — during the pre-interval scene when the cash ends up in Sridhar’s car, and the climactic race, where the director crosscuts between the various players and injects some tension into the proceedings. But these aren’t enough to take it past the finish line.








Verdict : Skip It Unless You Have Nothing Else to Watch!

Stars : 1.5/5

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