Inayathalam - Movie Review

Inayathalam - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Anugrahada Art Films banner
  • Cast
  • Ganesh Venkatraman, Shweta Menon, Sukanya, Delhi Ganesh, Y. G. Mahendra, Badava Gopi, Erode Mahesh
  • Direction
  • Shankar-Suresh
  • Music
  • Arrol Corelli
  • Photography
  • A.Karthick Raaja

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Inayathalam - A crime thriller with so many loopholes!


'Inayathalam' is an thriller film directed by Shankar and Suresh. The film stars Ganesh Venkatraman,Swetha Menon,Erode Mahesh and Koushika in important roles. Yesteryear heroine Sukanya makes a comeback in Tamil films playing an important role in this film. 

According to the makers, 'Inayathalam' deals with crimes that happen through internet and social media and it carries a relevant message for people obsessed with internet and social media in this era. 

Arrol Corelli has rendered the music score for the film. Cinematography is by A.Karthick Raaja. Rejeesh has done the Editing. Lyrics and dialogues have been written by Marabin Mainthan Muthiah. Mafia Sasi has designed the stunts. Art direction is by G.C.Anandan. 

'Inayathalam' has been produced by Uma Shankar under Anugrahada Art Films banner. 



Shweta Menon is a CBI officer and Erode Mahesh is her assistant. Ganesh Venkatram is a Police Officer. The plot starts with a burglary in ATM. With the help of a small boy, a mob loots the ATM. A lot of unusual incidents happen in the city. The murder of Delhi Ganesh is telecasted live on the social media. Although the cops try to save him, they couldn’t find the place and so they lose Delhi Ganesh. Next to get stuck in the man hunt is Adams. Finally, Mahesh gets caught in the hunt. In a certain stage, Shweta faces a terrible situation through Sukanya. What is that situation? Did she overcome the tough situation? What happened to Mahesh? Did Shweta and Ganesh save him? Get the answers in theaters! 



Playing the role of a cop is kind of a cakewalk for Ganesh Venkatraman who justifies it with his macho looks and stern body language. Shweta excelled in her role as an Investigation Officer. She performs quite naturally. Erode Mahesh has also done his best. Although Delhi Ganesh’s screen presence is very little, he impresses the audiences much. Some of the confusing aspects of hacking, IP address and other things are clearly explained in a particular scene which should be a welcome relief for the average movie goer. 





No unwanted songs or fight scenes 





Art Direction 


Verdict : A crime thriller with so many loopholes!

Stars : 1.5/5

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