Jackson Durai - Movie Review

Jackson Durai - Movie Review
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  • Sri Green Productions
  • Cast
  • Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Bindu Madhavi, Zachary Coffin, Naan Kadavul Rajendran and Karunakaran
  • Direction
  • Dharani Dharan
  • Music
  • Siddharth Vipin
  • Photography
  • Yuvraj

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Jackson Durai - A Good Attempt

Jackson Durai is a Tamil horror comedy movie starring Sathyaraj and Sibiraj. Written and directed by Dharanidharan, the film has Bindu Madhavi is playing the female lead role.  The movie also has, Karunakaran, Rajendran and Zachary Coffin are in the inportant roles of the film. The movie is all about horror and comedy.
Jackson Durai movie is Produced by M S Sharavanan and the Cinematography is done by Yuvraj. The movie is edited by Vivek Harshan. Siddharth Vipin is the Music director of the movie.
Jackson Durai movie story set in the pre-Independence era of India. While Sathyaraj plays a ghost in this period drama, Sibiraj plays a cop. Sibiraj's character is called as Bullet Satya for two reasons: one of his good shooting skills and the second since he and his Bullet [motor bike].
Satya is sent on an investigation to a village that is being tormented by ghosts. The ghosts belong to the British times with Satyaraj playing a freedom fighter and American actor Zachary [Coffin] playing a British colonel. Satya gets hooked onto something he pursues it with determination and has an eccentricity in his style of making enquiries.
Satya also finds time to romance a young village girl, played by Bindu Madhavi. What happens next is narrated with horror and a comedy screenplay to be watched on big screen.
Sibiraj's role had enough screen space, and his moments with Bindu Madavi offered sheer pleasure to the viewers. Their onscreen chemistry was good.  Sathyaraj has enacted the character of ghost from India in this project. American actor Zachary did the role of a foreign demon. In between this duo comes Motai Rajendran, another spirit which pulled the viewers to a state of laugh riot through his funny dialogue delivery. With this role the actor has once again proved that he is one of the most versatile stars in Kollywood. He did a fine performance, and his acting skills do not have any wear of tear even though he is aged 61 now.
Siddharth Vipin has given wonderful music and all audience are enjoying by listening to the songs. To some extent background music also has given mind-blowing.
Star Cast Performance


Verdict : A Good Attempt

Stars : 2.5/5

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