Kabali - Movie Review

Kabali - Movie Review
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  • V Creations
  • Cast
  • Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dinesh, Kalaiarasan
  • Direction
  • Pa. Ranjith
  • Music
  • Santhosh Narayanan
  • Photography
  • G. Murali

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Kabali - Kabali - A Movie for Rajini Fans!

Kabali which is the most buzzed and anticipated movie of South Indian Movies this year has finally hit the screens and has started generating positive review from the first show itself. Kabali has released massive and is the biggest release for any movie in South India in the states of Tamilnadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala. Rajinikanth plays the role of a gangster, well a stylish gangster.
The story of the movie Kabali is all about a gangster & is featured with Pre-Independence era of Tamilians who were ruled by British as slaves and sent to Malaysia to work in Rubber factory. Kabaleswaram’s family members were also moved to Malaysia to work there, which makes Kabaleswaram to turn into Don in order to save Tamilians from British.
In this movie, set in Malaysia, where Tamilians are ill-treated and need a Leader to save them. Enter the Superstar, who, like Nelson Mandela, spends several years in prison for his opposition to racism. When he comes out, he settles down to a regular life, until circumstances force him to become a gangster and rescue his daughter from the enemies. And of course, he becomes the leader of Tamils/Dalits in Malaysia and improves their conditions tremendously.
For Rajini fan, this will be a treat. Slow motion walks, stylish poses, crisp dialogues are all there, and theatres will explode with applause each time Rajini does his carefully choreographed routine. There are flashback scenes where he looks “youth” that is sure to make his fans feel nostalgic. Director Ranjith has ensured that the larger than life image of Rajini has been preserved. In short, it feels like a lifetime highlights of various Rajini movie scenes re-enacted.
It would have been a better film on the plight of the Malaysian Tamilians. The movie though, ends up as yet another commercial vehicle for the Superstar. Ranjith’s Dalit politics take a backseat here. Heroine Radhika Apte and Riythvika deliver excellent performance. Sai Dhansikaa is seen in a suave and stylish role, which caters to action lovers. Sai Dhansikaa performed action sequences. Women may even begin to style themselves like Dhansikaa. The female roles are hugely powerful like male characters.
The climax is positive, but unconvincing. Thankfully predictability has been avoided. Pa Ranjith has given an open climax, which can give rise to a sequel, if Kabali is well-received. Eye catching cinematography, especially Malaysia has been captured well. Santosh Narayanan BGM work is stupendous. The horn that comes is so haunting.
Super Star and his Style Elements
Radhika Apte and Dhansika

Slow Screenplay
Draggy First Half

Verdict : Kabali - A Movie for Rajini Fans!

Stars : 3/5

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