Kadhal Kan Kattudhey - Movie Review

Kadhal Kan Kattudhey - Movie Review
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  • Kovai Film Mates
  • Cast
  • KG, Athulya, Aneeruth
  • Direction
  • Shivaraj
  • Music
  • Pawan
  • Photography
  • Shivaraj

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Kadhal Kan Kattudhey - Fails Technically! Can Be Seen Once For The Young Talents!

Kadhal Kan Kattudhe is a small budget film by a team of Youngsters. The movie is made under the production of Kovai Film Mates and directed by Shivaraj. KG, Athulya, Aneeruth Have played main roles. The film has already received a great response for its teaser and trailer. The movie was most expected by youngsters. The movie was promoted with a tag “A simple love story” and so was the movie. 
Hero K.G is in search of a job after completing his studies while heroine Athulya is working as a reporter. As always, they become friends first and this develops into a relationship. Despite getting transferred to another city, Atulya keeps in touch with K.G. She also gets a friendship of a person at her new workplace and without covering it up from her lover, she tells him about this person too. 
But K.G doesn't get comfortable with Athulya talking profusely about this male colleague of hers and this develops into a hatred against her. With one thing leading to another, the couple end up having an argument between them which leads to a split in the relationship. Will they get back together and have a happy ending forms the story of Kadhal Kan Kattudhe. 
With a completely new and fresh cast list, director Shivaraj has delivered a beautiful love story. He has broken a myth that only a well known director can deliver such a romantic script. He has captured the today's youth and how they handle relationships in a very subtle fashion. The actors too have done such a good job that it makes us wonder if they're actually new faces. 
Love, break up and reconciliation has been a genre that's got thousands of films in the list but the way it's been captured here is enjoyable. With natural acting and not a bit of heroism or artificial-ness, the artists too have done a good job. 
Pavan's music is a huge plus point for this flick. He has also delivered what's necessary with the background music. Director Shivaraj has also taken care of cinematography and his shots add the much needed colour to the film. 
 Debut filmmaker Shivaraj has crafted a simple tale that is based on ego and emotional clashes between young couple in relationship. Although, the basic theme of this film centers on capturing the young audiences, it remains to be doubt if it would fulfill the interests of those audiences, who look out for entertainment movies. The film preaches a good message that a happy life isn’t about money, but about true love and affection. There could have been some importance given to cinematography and editing. 
Simple Story 
Lead Actor’s Performance 
Slow Screenplay 

Verdict : Fails Technically! Can Be Seen Once For The Young Talents!

Stars : 1.5/5

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