Kuttram 23 - Movie Review

Kuttram 23 - Movie Review
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  • Redhan - The Cinema People
  • Cast
  • Arun Vijay, Mahima Nambiar, Thambi Ramaiah, Vamsi Krishna, Aravind Akash, Amit Bhargav, Vijayakumar, Aishwarya, Abhinaya, Kalyani Natarajan
  • Direction
  • Arivazhagan Venkatachalam
  • Music
  • Vishal Chandrasekhar
  • Photography
  • Bhaskaran KM

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Kuttram 23 - Worthy For Your Money!

Director Arivazhagan has joined hands with Arun Vijay for his fourth venture Kuttram 23. He has roped in Mahima Nambiar to play the female lead in the Tamil film, which has Thambi Ramaiah, Vamsi Krishna, Aravind Akash, Vijayakumar and others in the supporting cast.
Bhaskaran KM has handled the cinematography, while Bhuvan Srinivasan has edited the flick. Vishal Chandrasekhar has churned out two good songs in Pori Vaithu and Thoduvaanam.
The film opens with the twin murder of a priest and the wife of a leading TV channel’s CEO who was at the church to confess. The influential husband requests the Police Commissioner(Vijayakumar) to find the culprit, who immediately appoints IPS Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay). In his investigation, Vetrimaaran finds a hidden medical crime happening in the name of artificial insemination that a lot of pregnant women are continuously committing suicide. Who is the mastermind? Can Vetrimaaran crack down this complex case? The answer to these questions becomes the crux of the story.
Arun Vijay fits the role of a young AC to the T and has given one of his career best performances and he is excellent when he becomes a normal family man when interacting with his sister in law and family.  He is one of the best action exponents in Kollywood and Stunt Silva has provided ample opportunities to show case his talent to the hilt. 
Abhinaya as the sister in law has once again given a credible performance as the girl pregnant after a long time who has to face an ugly situation.  Thambi Ramaiah, who comes as an assistant to the hero attracts us with his one liners, the scene where he smartly converts Arun Vijay’s emotional murder into self-defense is a scream. Mahima looks cute and brings believability to her character. Thankfully, her role is not limited for duets and as a matter of fact, there wasn’t any romantic dream number shot in foreign locales to distract your attention. The two villains Arvind Akash and Vamsi Krishna fit the bills.
On the downside, the cop does not use any brilliance to find the culprits and most of the mystery unravels by itself.  In fact the audience guesses the medical connection well before the hero does.  It is questionable whether some small time criminals can walk into an ACs house and murder so easily.  Similarly there is a lack of a powerful antagonist and the fertility doctor and a psycho who wants to inseminate women are not so menacing. The blackmail angle is also far-fetched and the murders and suicides are quite unconvincing.
Star Cast Performance
Predictable Scenes
A couple of logic less scenes

Verdict : Worthy For Your Money!

Stars : 3/5

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