Meesaya Murukku - Movie Review

Meesaya Murukku - Movie Review
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  • Avni Cinemax banner
  • Cast
  • Adhi, Vivek and Vijayalakshmi
  • Direction
  • Hiphop Tamizha
  • Music
  • Hiphop Tamizha
  • Photography
  • U.K. Senthilkumar and Kiruthi Vasan

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Meesaya Murukku - Worth watching once..!


Promising music director and lyricist Hiphop Tamizha makes his acting and directorial debut through 'Meesaya Murukku'. The film is being produced by director Sundar.C of Avni Cinemax banner. 

Hiphop Tamizha has written the story, screenplay and dialogues and directing the film. He has also played the lead role in the film along with newcomer Aathmika who happens to be a Tamil girl born and brought up Coimbatore. Veteran comedian Vivekh plays the father of the hero in the film. A lot of youngsters make their acting debut playing supporting roles in the film. 

Hiphop Tamizha has rendered the musical score and also written the lyrics for all the songs. Cinematography is by U.K. Senthilkumar and Kiruthi Vasan. Editing is by Fenny Oliver. Art department is headed by Ponraj. Sanath has taken care of Visual Effects while Raju is in-charge of Sound Design. 

Producer Sundar.C said that the film is the biography of Hiphop Tamizha Adhi. The trailer looks matches his words as it looks like a story of a middle class youngster inspired and supported by his father, to achieve big in music industry like Adhi. 



The movie revolves around a guy who was interested in music and he wants to become a star. A girl comes into his life while studying in the college and the turns and twists that a music director will have to become a star and what they have to go through to get to that stage comes to the crux of the story. The movie portray some of the events from Adhi’s real life. 



Aadhi as the lead plays as himself which makes things easier and he’s just spot on in this film. Whether he could be a full time actor is something to be found only when he gets into script oriented films. 

A bunch of familiar faces from Youtube are spotted all over the movie. RJ Vignesh steals the show as his comedian friend and it won’t be surprising if he gets more movie offers from kollywood. Vivek is the familiar face amongst youngsters and the veteran actor has once again proved he’s not a mere comedian but a powerful character artist. He carries some of the kickass scenes in his shoulders with some sentiment at times. Be it the Madras Central guys or the Shaa Raa as a kind of villain, along with a fun-filled college love story makes it a good watch. Technically, screenplay and camera work is kind of not up to the mark but it’s hardly recognizable.

Technically, the music and BGM kept the foot tapping, editing by Fenny was right on the table and cinematography by duo Kiruthi Vasan and UK Senthil Kumar was laudable. 

Overall Meesaya Murukku is a simple autobiographical drama with definite punch and inspiration. It also has some cinematic clichés, but can give credit for a debutant without bothering least on the negatives. It is certainly fun to watch and entertaining as well. 





Aadhi and Vivek's performance 



Slow Narration 

Draggy First half 


Verdict : Worth watching once..!

Stars : 3.5/5

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