Metro - Movie Review

Metro - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • E5 Entertainments / Metro Productions
  • Cast
  • Shirish, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan
  • Direction
  • Ananda Krishnan
  • Music
  • Johan
  • Photography
  • N.S.Uthaya Kumar

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Metro - Not an Entertainer but an Eye Opener!


Anand Krishnan, who had earlier directed "Aal," is back with his second outing "Metro." The film features Shirish Saravanan, Bobby Simha, Sendrayan, Yogi Babu. Metro movie is the joint production of Anandha Krishnan and Jaya Krishnan under the banners of E5 Entertainments and Metro Productions. Aside from direction and production values Anandakrishnan, he himself had written the story, screenplay and even worked for dialogues. N.S.Uthayakumar made the cinematography part and M.Ramesh Baarathi has altered the editing work. Johan provided tunes and the BGMs for the film.

The film highlights the effect and hazard of Chain snatching in the present day. The film is made to spotlight awareness about chain snatching to the women and society.


The movie is inspired by a real-life incident and throws light on the modus operandi of chain snatchers. It also tries to explore the psyche of modern-day criminals and their motives for turning to crime. The story of the movie is narrated with two important characters, Arivu (Shirish), a student, and Madhi (Satya), a journalist, who are the sons of a retired cop.

Madhi is in love with a girl played by Maya, who wants him to have an expensive mobile and a bike. As his family could not afford it, he decides to commit a crime. The remaining part of the story is about how this affects his family and the way a journalist wages war against the crime.


Some experiments and worthy stuff is being generated regularly in the film industry. And Metro falls into that category. The script has come out well and so is the execution by the director Ananda Krishnan who has shown the detailing in a gripping and interesting manner in a way that everything appeals to be natural and realistic. The hungry lead to theft and the film has a completely predictable story and we can easily guess with what events or in what situations, the things are moving around and the characters are being designed. But the film with a predictable story line engages with perfect execution. Some scenes have come out brilliantly and especially all those chain snatching scenes have been filmed with stunning precision by the cinematographer and stunt choreographer. The work of technical team is amazing in the film. Almost all the departments have worked really hard to make the film a grand success. The action part was also shot nicely.

The cinematography of the film has been great. The Music director Johan is another pillar for the film who has helped the film with some good music and background score that elevated some important scenes. The pace never slows down and the run time is also just 120 minutes which is an advantage. The performances are very good in the film. Bobby Simhaa makes a brief but impactful appearance. Shirish is great in his role. Sendrayan throws a good performance. Sathya gets a good role in the film. And all the other actors did well in the film and made it a worth watch for their performances.








Many predictable scenes

Verdict : Not an Entertainer but an Eye Opener!

Stars : 3/5

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