Mudinja Ivana Pudi - Movie Review

Mudinja Ivana Pudi - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Rambabu Productions
  • Cast
  • Sudeep,NithyaMenen
  • Direction
  • K.S.Ravikumar
  • Music
  • D. Imman
  • Photography
  • Rajarathinam

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Mudinja Ivana Pudi - Commercial Entertainer!

Sudeep's much-awaited Mudinja Ivana Pudi has hit the screen today on 12th August 16. The movie is also released in Kannada as Kotigobba 2. The film marks the directorial debut of leading South Indian filmmaker KS Ravikumar in Kannada.
Nithya Menen is the female lead in the film, which also has Prakash Raj, Mukesh Tiwari, Sathish, Sharath Lohitashwa, Nassar, Sadhu Kokila and others in the cast. Popular musician D Imman has scored the music, Rajarathinam has handled the cinematography and Praveen Antony has worked on editing.
Nothing can go wrong for the hero and therefore it is an open story. Sudeep is pretending to be two persons. One is a god-fearing realtor trying to eke out a living in an honorable way. The other is a heist specialist who wants to loot enough money to get away to the richest country in the world and buy the richest property there and settle down. That was his father's dream. Even the shady character is good at heart. He steals only black money from the 'real' villains.
Sudeep looked very stylish in this feature. His dialogue delivery was flawless, and this time, he has adopted a very different way of presenting the conversations. Nithya Menon who has portrayed the character of lady lead too did her role well. The Kerala beauty's chemistry with the Kannada star was a real treat to watch.  The Songs by Imman are catchy. Huna Huna and Saalutillave songs are effective on screen. Prakash Rai is intense and emotional. There is a host of actors present in the movie, but they don’t get highlighted. But the movie can entertain you with good and impressive acting.
This is a film built on a template. There is a fixed notion of where the next twist comes, where the duet fits, how long an action scene should be, and of course the one-liners for the fans to cheer. The film also requires an ensemble cast to keep up the tempo. So at regular intervals, new characters played by seasoned actors arrive. Due credit should go to Ravikumar who knows what works for the mass audience.
This film will satisfy those looking to get entertained and keep a tab on getting back their money's worth.
Lengthy Second Half

Verdict : Commercial Entertainer!

Stars : 1.5/5

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