Nibunan - Movie Review

Nibunan - Movie Review
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  • Passion Film Factory
  • Cast
  • Arjun Sarja, Prasanna, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, Vaibhav, Sruthi Hariharan
  • Direction
  • Arun Vaidyanathan
  • Music
  • S Navin
  • Photography
  • Arvind Krishna

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Nibunan - Impressive whodunit thriller.!


Actor Arjun Most Awaited 150th Film Nibunan Released This Friday World Wide in Maximum Number of Theaters. This Film is Directed Arun Vaidyanathan film recevied positive buzz as film prescreened for select critics on Tuesday, July 25. The movie features ‘Action King’ Arjun, Prasanna, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar and Sruthi Hariharan, and is directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. The flim has S Navin's music, Arvind Krishna's cinematography and Sathish Suriya's editing.


A whodunit, the story gets going when an anonymous box with a mysterious doll and some numbers on it is found at a police station. Dedicated and intelligent cop Ranjith Kalidoss (Arjun) and his assistants Joseph (Prasanna) and Vandana (Varalaxmi) are clueless about the doll. It is a little late when they come to know that the details on the doll are clues conveyed by an unknown murderer. They try to track the murderer, but a couple of more murders happen in a similar fashion, with intriguing modus operandi behind it. They somehow crack things one by one, and at one point, Ranjith discovers who the next victim is going to be. And he has a reason to believe in his theory, which comes as a shock to his assistants and senior officials. 
Meanwhile, Ranjith suffers from a disease and it starts taking a toll on his career. His wife (Sruthi Hariharan), daughter, and brother (Vaibhav) are with him to take good care. The murderer follows the movements of Ranjith and team and is on a killing spree, always leaving clue for the next murder. The team finally goes after a case which was closed a few years ago as they find a link between the happenings in the past and present.


Nibunan is Action King Arjun’s 150th film and it’s a relief to watch him to play his age, even in overtly sophisticated look throughout the film. He doesn’t go around beating bad guys to pulp, but plays his part well and shows he could still impress without kicking butts. Varalaxmi and Prasanna have enough space for their roles and are good as the protagonist’s aides. Sruthi Hariharan strikes a good chemistry with Arjun and her casting as a concerned and loving wife is apt. Vaibhav has little to do. Suman and Suhasini appear in the crucial moments of the film. Prasanna gives the story some comical touch. While some of the jokes work, it’s tough to imagine them laughing and joking around when a serial killer is on the prowl. Actress Sruthi Hariharan strikes a good chemistry with Arjun and her casting as a concerned and loving wife is apt. 
The cinematography and background score are major pluses in this fast-paced suspense thriller. Nibunan, on many levels, is one of those thrillers that don’t fully work to its potential. It works till a point, and just when you start really enjoying its proceedings, it gets predictable and slightly tedious, leaving us not fully satisfied. It’s a whodunit thriller that needed more tension and an actor who could send chills down our spines as the psycho killer on the loose. While you hold on to your seats, scratching your head and wondering who could be the killer, you’re not shocked when his identity is revealed.  




Predictable Story towards the end 
Romance portions 

Verdict : Impressive whodunit thriller.!

Stars : 1.5/5

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