Pagadi Aattam - Movie Review

Pagadi Aattam - Movie Review
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  • Marram Movies, Bharani Movies
  • Cast
  • Rahman,Nizhalgal Ravi, Gawrri Nandha, Surendar, Monica
  • Direction
  • Ram K Chandran
  • Music
  • Karthik Raja
  • Photography
  • Krishnaswamy

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Pagadi Aattam - An Unfinished Game!

Pagadi Aattam is one more Tamil crime thriller which is grandly released on 17 February 2017 in all over the world. The film is helmed by Ram k Chandran while it is jointly bankroll by T S Kumar, K Ramaraj, D Subas Chandrabose and A Gunasekar under the production banners of Marram Movies and Bharani Movies.
The Southern actor Rahman played the male lead role in the latest crime thriller film Pagadi Aattam while Nizhalgal Ravi and Gawrri Nandha played the crucial roles. The film soundtracks are scored by Karthik Raja and camera work is handled by Krishnasamy. Check out Pagadi Aattam movie review rating story and public talk.
Ram K Chandran’s Pagadi Aattam is all about exploitation of young girls by a rich man in the name of love. Suriya (Surendar) is the only son of rich man Nizhalgal Ravi. Suriya has many girlfriends. He knows the knack to maintain all the girls, keeping them unknown to each other.
Koushalya (Monica) is an innocent girl belonging to a conservative middle class. She is the only person in her family who has stepped into a college. Suriya gets attracted by her and as usual brings her into his fold quite easily. He discards her after using her to fulfill his pleasure.
Soon Suriya finds himself abducted by an unknown person and is locked inside a coffin like box. There is a cell phone in the coffin and it rings. The voice on the other side tells him that he is going to die because of his sins.
Suriya’s parents file a complaint with police and ACP Rahman stars investigating the case. He gets some vital clues about the missing person. Who is behind this and what happens next form the crux.
Surendar deserves to be applauded for choosing to play a negative character in his first movie. He has pulled it off with some authenticity. Monica playing the innocent Kousalya has done her job well. Rahman as the police officer is emphatic. Gowri Nandha as the sister of the victim has done a very good job. Music director Karthick Raja’s tunes are hummable while his back ground score goes a bit overboard. Cinematographer Krishnaswamy’s work adds value to the movie.
The plot of the movie is not new and the depiction of the rich man’s playboy like behavior too is not new. In fact the portions detailing the behavior of the young man are quite old fashioned. They don’t appeal at all. The characterizations of the boys and girls are weak to say the least.
The first half revolving around the rich boy’s exploitative game is a predictable weak drama. However, the second half that shows the investigation by Rahman, is quite contemporary and interesting. The investigation part is smart and credible, thanks to the writing and Rahman’s acting. The climax is appealing despite being predictable. The way the director Ram K Chandran has utilized old songs is interesting. The movie gives some valuable message for the safety of today’s girls without getting preachy.
Valuable message
Smart second half
Acting of Rahman and Gowri Nanda
Draggy First Half
Predictable script
Weak characterizations

Verdict : An Unfinished Game!

Stars : 1.5/5

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