Power Paandi - Movie Review

Power Paandi - Movie Review
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Power Paandi - A Movie For Both Elders and Youngsters!

Tamil New Year has begun on an heart warming note, as Dhanush’s directorial debut – Power Paandi hits theatres today. After proving himself as an actor, Dhanush has now taken over the director’s chair. This movie is about a stuntmaster who goes on a solo trip to look for his first love. The movie stars Raj Kiran and Revathy in lead roles. The film also stars Dhanush and Madonna in cameo appearances. The music has been composed by Sean Roldan. The film premiered today and reviews of the film have poured in. Check out what critics have to say about Dhanush’s Pa Paandi. 
Rajkiran plays Paandian Pazhanisami, a stunt master, and Prasanna will be seen as his son named Raghavan, a software engineer. Chaya Singh plays his wife in the flick that is all about how we treat our parents. Power Paandi is about the outcome of embracing love, peace and positivity around us. The films attempts to showcase how the changing times impact a father-son relationship and tries to tell that they both can co-exist in love. 
Pa Pandi first half deals with the life of Rakiran character while the second half about his past and love searching experience. Rajkiran carries the entire film on his broad shoulder and shines in every frame emoting effortlessly be it charged up for the fight sequences or becoming a child when playing with his grandchildren. He displays extraordinary chemistry when interacting with young hipster (Rinson of Nanban fame) next door and with Revathi when he himself turns into a love smitten teenager. Younger generation heroines can take a cue from the acting powerhouse Revathi who even at this age makes you fall head over heels in love with her in a very limited space that she gets. 
Some of the scenes in the first half feel clichéd and artificial. Especially, the conflict between Raghavan and Pandi seems more like a function of plot than organic difference between a father and a son. Raghavan comes across more as a cold-hearted careerist and we never get to know why he has such contempt for his father. We wish the take-care-of-your-parents message had been conveyed in a subtler manner. 
Velraj’s cinematography is apt for the film while the editing could have been a little better as a few out of focus shots are found here and there in the cuts. Sean Rolden’s songs are pleasing to hear and his background score too passes muster. 
Rajkiran fight scenes look more professional and natural but could have been better. The last fight scene was apt for the movie and could have been not in the movie. This fight scene looks force fitted. 
Dhanush, in his directorial debut, plays his cards very smartly. Instead of going big in an effort to produce a bang, he goes small with a slice-of-drama of a senior citizen. It’s gutsy of a star of his stature to make a film with an older protagonist and he not only shines in this endeavor but also wins hearts. 
Rajkiran and Revtahy’s Performance 
The flashback Portion was a Bit Too long 
Son and Father Conflict Looks Forced

Verdict : A Movie For Both Elders and Youngsters!

Stars : 1.5/5

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