Rubaai - Movie Review

Rubaai - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • God Pictures
  • Cast
  • Chinni Jayanth, Chandran, Anandhi, Harish Uthaman, G Marimuthu, R Kishore
  • Direction
  • M. Anbazhagan
  • Music
  • D Imman
  • Photography
  • V Elayaraja

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Rubaai - Watch It If You Donít Have A Better Option


Chandran and Anandhi, who had put up an impressive performance in Prabu Solomon’s Kayal, are back as a pair again in Rubaai. This time the director has turned producer, while Anbazhagan is at the helm. Rubaai is the action drama movie directed by M Anbazhagan of Saattai fame. The film has Chinni Jayanth, Kayal fame Chandran and Anandhi, Harish Uthaman, MS Bhaskar, G Marimuthu and R Kishore are in the cast. D Imman composes the music for Rubaai. V Elayaraja is the cinematographer and Nirmal edited the film. Kumki director Prabhu Solomon produced the film under the banner God Pictures. The film was titled as Faisal. After they had wrapped up the first schedule, the film had the title change. 



Chandran and his friend live in Theni. They own a lorry which was purchased though a loan received from a private financier. They are under pressure to pay the due for the month. They come to Chennai for a new work. There meet Chinni Jayanth and his daughter Anandhi, who want to shift their house. The friends take the work of carrying the goods for shifting the house. Chinni Jayanth is struggling to make both ends meet. Chandran falls for Anandhi and decides to help her father at any cost. 

Harish Uthaman, who has stolen huge money from a bank, throws the bag with money into Chandran’s vehicle to avert the suspicion of the police. The friends and Chinni find the money and decide to use it to their purposes. 

Police is hunting for the thief and the thief is hunting for the bag. Could the police find Harish? Could he find the bag? What happened to Chinni and the two friends? What happened to the love of Chandran? You should watch it on the big screen. 



Chinni Jayanth proved his mettle in Rubaai. We have seen Chinni playing comedy roles with “ Rajinikanth” and “ Sathyaraj.” His talent had not been used by the Tamil directors, so far. But, Anbazhagan has used it well. Chandran and Anandhi have played naturally. Harish Uthaman gets the stereotyped role, but he has done it quite well, as usual. Rubaai has an interesting plot, with a few engaging scenes. But the interchanging romantic and thrilling scenes do not work always. Anbazhagan has managed to link elements like friendship, deceit, love and greediness and entertain to a good extent. Harish Uthaman as the cruel baddie and Chinni Jayanth, in a different avatar as a doting dad, score above others in the movie. Though the songs are decent enough and hummable, they mar the narration at times. 

Cinematographer V. Ilayaraja has done an excellent job of keeping the lighting, natural be it the Chennai scenes or the more exotic Theni ghats. Editor R. Nirmal is another major contributor keeping the narration flowing at the right pace and makes an impression without resorting to any fancy cuts. 









Scenes towards the climax are little draggy 

Purposely inserted sad scenes 


Verdict : Watch It If You Donít Have A Better Option

Stars : 2/5

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