Thiri - Movie Review

Thiri - Movie Review
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  • Oxygen Cinemas and Sea Shore Gold Productions
  • Cast
  • Ashwin Kakumanu, Swathi Reddy, Jayaprakash, Karunakaran, A. L. Azhagappan, Anupama Kumar, Daniel Annie Pope
  • Direction
  • Ashok Amritharaj S
  • Music
  • Ajesh
  • Photography
  • KG Venkatesh

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Thiri - Another Movie Where A Common Man Turns Hero..!


Thiri is a political thriller film directed by Ashok Amritharaj. The film casts  Ashwin K, Swathi, Jayaprakash, AL Azhagappan, Arjai, Karunakaran, Daniel Anne Pope, Anupama Kumar in lead roles. Anton Ranjith S and Vetri Kumaran M produced the film. The cinematography and edition are taken care by KG Venkatesh and Raja Sethupathi S.P respectively. Ajesh composed the music. 



The story revolves around Jeeva (Ashwin), a final-year mechanical engineering student. He is the happy-go-lucky son in a typical ‘happy’ movie family — a father (Jayaprakash, putting on his Pasanga persona) who is strict on the outside but loves his son, a doting mother (Anupama Kumar), and a loving sister; there is even the playful girl-next-door, Swathi (Swathi) who serves as a romantic interest. 

Swathi’s father is being pressurized and latter killed by Angannan (AL Azhagappan), a big, bad politician looking to win an upcoming election, into selling his land for a lesser price. Meanwhile, Jeeva is involved in a skirmish with Kishore (Arjai), who happens to be Angannan’s son and also the correspondent of Jeeva’s college. Kishore has his revenge by messing with Jeeva’s conduct certificate. And when he realises that the father and son are not going to let him in peace, Jeeva decides to fight back. 



The first half is too lengthy as the film takes a longer time than required to establish the characters and their relationships. But a few scenes in the first half, especially the interaction between the father and son are worth mentioning. The second half is relatively engaging as it caters to the expectations of commercial movie buffs. Nevertheless the tricks used by the hero to defeat the politician take enormous cinematic liberty.  

Ashwin has given an earnest performance and worked hard in stunt sequences. Swathi has a role that has an importance in the script but despite that she does not have any challenge to perform. The subtle portrayal of the romance between the lead characters is praiseworthy. 

Jayaprakash gets to portray yet another dignified and caring father character and it is the proof for his fantastic acting skills that he impresses with such a character sketch every time. Where the film works is in the scenes that showcase the bond between Jeeva and his father. The understated style of Jayaprakash and Ashwin makes these scenes linger long. Jayaprakash, in fact, is given reams of dialogues, which, from many other actors would have tested our patience, but there is a quiet dignity about him that we connect to his character. Anupama Kumar as Jeeva's caring and affectionate mother fits the bill. 

A.L. Azhagappan does justice to his role as a wicked local politician but fails to make a mark as  there is nothing inventive in his character. Karunakaran as hero's friend infuses a little humor but he could have been utilized much better. 

Songs in Ajeesh's music are just passable while the background score is quite fitting. K.G. Venkatesh's cinematography has supplemented the narration with apt angles and lighting. 



Father Son Relationship 

Background Score 

Second Half 



Easily Predictable Story 



Lengthy First Half 


Verdict : Another Movie Where A Common Man Turns Hero..!

Stars : 1.5/5

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