Yaakkai - Movie Review

Yaakkai - Movie Review
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  • Prim Production
  • Cast
  • Krishna,Swathi, Prakashraj,Guru Somasundaram, Radharavi
  • Direction
  • Kulandai Velappan
  • Music
  • Yuvan Shankar Raja
  • Photography
  • Sathya Ponmar

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Yaakkai - A Medical Thriller Which Lacks Thrill!!


Yaakkai or Yakkai marks the directorial debut of Kulandai Velappan. He has teamed up with Krishna and Swathi Reddy for the crime thriller, in which powerhouse performer, Prakash Raj and Guru Somasundaram of Joker fame also play important characters. Radha Ravi, MS Bhaskar and others are seen in supporting roles.

The director himself has penned the story and screenplay, while Sathya Ponmar and VJ Sabu Joseph have handled the editing and cinematography departments. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the music of Yaakkai and Nee, Solli Tholaiyen Ma and Naan Ini Kaatril songs have impressed the viewers.


Yakkai is an attempt to enlighten viewers on the dangers of having blind faith in the medical sector. It aims to create medical awareness and revolves around a scam in the movie. The story of murder mystery is combined with romantic elements in the Tamil flick. Prakash Raj has donned the role of a cop and Guru Somasundaram has enacted the character of a dreaded villain in Yaakkai.


The plot is an old oft-told one. It's the scripting and the treatment that could have infused it with an amount of freshness and novelty. But an insipid screenplay and weakly fleshed out characters ensure that boredom sets in midway through the narration.

As for the performances, it is disappointing. Sahayam essayed by Prakashraj, seems disinterested and bored with the whole scenario. The actor seems to have lost interest in the proceedings, probably realising that the character which had begun on a strong note was being treated more as an extended guest appearance as the story unfolded.

Guru Somasundram is a total miscast. As Sriram the bad boy with angst against his father, he is inconsistent and far removed from his assured performance as in 'Joker'. Unsure of how to essay a role that is weakly etched, the actor is loud and dramatic in his take on Sriram. Kreshna is bubbly and energetic. He is the flesh and blood of the movie. Swathi is cute and have a major say in the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are okay while his BGM is good. Sathya Ponmar’s cinematography is good and captures thrills and chase well.







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Verdict : A Medical Thriller Which Lacks Thrill!!

Stars : 1.5/5

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