Yaman - Movie Review

Yaman - Movie Review
  • Banner
  • Lyca Productions, Vijay Antony Film Corporation
  • Cast
  • Vijay Antony, Miya George and Thiagarajan
  • Direction
  • Jeeva Shankar
  • Music
  • Vijay Antony
  • Photography
  • Jeeva Shankar

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Yaman - This Political Thriller is Old Wine in New Bottle!!


Vijay Antony, who has earned the status of 'hit machine' of low-budget films, has collaborated with Jeeva Shankar for Yaman or Yeman. The duo has earlier delivered a successful film in the form of Naan. The latest movie is a political thriller, in which Mia George plays the role of the female lead. Thiagarajan will be seen in an important role in Yaman, which also has Sangili Murugan, Charlie, Swaminathan and others are in the cast. Vijay Antony himself has composed the music and Yem Mela Kai Vacha Gaali song has impressed the audience. The director has taken additional responsibility of cinematography department, while Veera Senthil Raj has edited the flick.


Yeman tells the story of an ordinary man, who tries to attain power in politics. Thiagarajan is the political mastermind named Karunakaran in the film, but it has no reference to the present-day politics of Tamil Nadu.

Vijay Antony has done the role of Tamilarasan, an ordinary man, whose journey in politics is narrated with a lot of twists in the flick. Tamilarasan (Vijay Antony), is seeking money to save his cancer afflicted grandfather ( Sangili Murugan), agrees to go to jail by accepting to take the blame for a drunken and drive accident. In jail, he meets with the first connection to a political web and from then on gets embroiled deep into it and how he emerges the victor forms the rest of the cleverly weaved intriguing screenplay.


Vijay Antony is well known for choosing variety of scripts and presented himself different to each film. Once again Vijay Antony attracted the whole Tamil Cinema with his different story selections. This is a challenging new role in his acting career and he delivered his best as usual. Miya George suits best for Vijay Antony and the pair looks good on the big screen.

The Political heat in second half, is good. Also climax political meeting episode is huge asset for film.

Jeeva Shankar has written and directed ‘Yaman’ and one can say that he has redeemed himself after his previous fiasco. His dialogues are the backbone of the film and are so close to reality that every word spoken has the desired effect on the audiences. The screenplay, which moves at a slow pace is still engaging due to the clever use of betrayal as a motif throughout. The master stroke is in the climax when the hero unknowingly avenges his father even as he accomplishes the dream of both his father and grandfather.

As per technical section, cinematographer did his Job really well and carried the mood the scene. Music is good especially background score makes audience to involve. Editing by Veera Senthil Raj is neat, although the first twenty minutes could do with some trimming to make it more peppy.







Length of the Movie

Slow Paced First Half

Verdict : This Political Thriller is Old Wine in New Bottle!!

Stars : 2/5

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